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WTF: We’re The Furballs!

Cuddle a dog at WTF: We’re The Furballs

This is what caught our attention when we happened to pass by this shop at one of our favourite ‘little areas’ in Singapore, Katong, one fine Saturday afternoon. I was hesitant at first but it was G who convinced me to go in to WTF: We’re The Furballs! Little did I know, the visit changed the course of our lives.

Ok, so I am exaggerating. G and I have been, for a while now, deliberating on getting a doggie. Initially, we wanted to get a pug because of Pigi and Wigi, our pug friends, (‘owner’ is our good friend) but having been exposed to Poppy, our office boss (toy poodle), and Pepper, G’s officemate’s shnauzer, we are now confused on what to have. Visiting WTF didn’t help at all! We were bombarded with little furballs, making pa-cute to get our attention, with their waggin’ tiny tails – now we, or maybe it’s just me, want to take them all back home!

WTF is a doggie cafe or a dog playhouse which claims to be the first in Singapore! When we first came in, we only paid S$7.50 to get in with a free bubble tea. But when we visited recently, they now have an admission fee of S$5 plus the cost of your bubble tea which is about three dollars. After your purchase, yu go up the second floor, and then you get to play, cuddle, run chase and sleep with the little darlings for as long as you like (or for as long as they like you!).


Bui Bui We're The FurballsBui Bui – The Pug. She was so cute sleeping on G’s lap the last time we visited.

Bui Bui on G's Lap We're The FurballsI took it home! G, not the dog. 😦

The Other Dogs at WTF We're The FurballsFrom Top to Bottom: Mochi, Duchess and LuLu all fast asleep.

G Fast Asleep with Bui Bui WTF We're The FurballsWell, the dogs were not the only ones sleeping when we visited…

The coolest thing the last time we visited was that they were all crowding around us both and comfortably settled on our laps for a nice little nap. *sigh* And I was in dog heaven!

Curled Up Furballs on My LapThat’s Slinky (the Dark, Little Sausage) and Mochi fast asleep on my legs.

Furballs All AroundFeel like I’m a dog whisperer! They were all around! I can’t even leave as Mochi was growling at me when I try to move her! The brown little one is Yuki-Chan.

Anyway, a trip to WTF does wonders. It is even a good way to de-stress. Imagine if I have all of them at home?  Hmmm… I’d go crazy! 😀 I think I can only handle one! But seriously, we are really thinking of getting one and is researching on what best to have! In G’s head, it’s good for me to keep my ‘baby’ thoughts at bay! In my head, it’s so it will keep me company when G’s away for a night of boys and booze! 😉

Before we left, we had to sign a visitors’ book and we came across this sad little note from one of the visitors:

A Note From A Visitor

This is a sad, don’t you think? Or maybe this was just written in jest!

Note To The DogsAnd this is our note to ze doggiez! 🙂

So if you’re a dawg lovah and doesn’t own one, try visiting WTF: We’re The Furballs (and take one home, put it in your bag!). :p

WTF: We’re The Furballs | 45 East Coast Road, Level 2, (Shophouses opposite Roxy Square, Near Katong Laksa) Singapore 428765 | Contact: 6348 6330 | lulu@wtfsg.com.sg | Facebook: We Are The Furballs (WTF)

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