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Eternal Dumpsite

For the first time in the entire 22 years of my existence, I finally have decided what I want to pursue.

I want this.

I want the life of a traveler.

I want where I am and what I am doing right this very moment… pouring my heart out, enjoying a seemingly uncomfortable situation, relishing every minute of it.

Right now, I’m in the Hong Kong International Airport doing nothing but blog, sit and observe people, listen to some music and thinking… Which led me to this.

A realization that this is what i want. And so this new blog will bear witness  to my fine times and struggles in getting what I want; listen to me whine and hear my cry of joy.

This blog will by the dumpsite of things eternal and of temporary things in my life.

Feel free to dump some stuff… I’ll be more than happy to share my dumpsite to you.

Cheers for a life eternal! 🙂

I am

... a big time day dreamer
... an eternal wanderer

I am currently…

LEGOLAND... here for the foreseeable future.

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