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The Risky Business of Love

I came across this post from one of my Tumblr friends and I just thought of sharing it with you guys. It’s about love, love, love. Love is all we need. 🙂

“There is no safe investment,” writes C. S. Lewis in The Four Loves, for:

…to love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken… I believe that the most lawless and inordinate loves are less… [destructive] than a self-invited and self-protective lovelessness… We shall draw nearer to [what we seek], not by trying to avoid the sufferings inherent in all loves, but by accepting them… throwing away all defensive armour. If our hearts need to be broken, and… this is [the] way in which they should break, so be it. What I know about love and believe about love and giving one’s heart began in this.

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The Day I Become Mrs. BB

The day I become Mrs. B@bs has finally arrived.

It never really crossed my mind that this day will finally come, up until a year ago. Sure, I had day dreams of my fairytale wedding but I was jaded enough to believe that day dreams will always remain just that, a dream. Despite being the hopeless romantic and a big time day dreamer that I am, I have never seen myself going this far but I did. I know this post, these words, won’t give justice to this so much love and joy in me but I’ll give it a try anyway.

I must admit, I started building dreams of happy-ever-afters not long after G and I started going out. He was not what I expected (stereotyped, more like it) an Ang Moh or a man of the world would be. I expected indifference (which he surely showed me in our early dates) but he is sensitive and has a soft heart. I surely can see the ‘jerk’ in him which his good friends lovingly pointed out to me but he was never afraid to show me that softie side of him. I don’t know where I got this idea that Westerners are too independent that they ‘forget’ their families but I can saw that he wasn’t that kind. I was told before that in order for me to know how a guy will treat me, I should look at how he treats his mom – and no questions asked, he was great with his mom. And somehow he has restored my faith in men. True, I did not have that much experience to know how men (in general) are like but from what I saw from my friends and what little experience I had, men are not to be trusted and they will just cause me heartbreak. But with G I feel and know it’s different.

Everything that happened that day felt surreal. It was dreamlike, standing there beside the man I love, the man I was telling the whole universe about, the man I was secretly praying to God to be mine. That day was a dream come true. Everything felt right. Everything was perfect. It was just on that day that I realized that it’s not the gown, flowers nor the make-up that make a wedding perfect, it’s the union of two individuals, destined to be together, promising to each other in front of God, family and friends to make it to forever.

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Save the Date: 10 June 2012

Six days to go and I’ll become Mrs. Bibby.

GandJ Wedding Date

The number says it all! Taken using Pinky, my Fujifilm Finepix P&S

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G&J’s 12th Monthsary!

I am a big fan of firsts that’s why I refused to acknowledge that it is G&J’s 1st year anniversary yesterday, 13th of May 2012, as we’re apart: I’m in Davao, G is in SG. But I realized and should have known that what matters most is what’s in our hearts: this so much love that is enough to cover the distance that separates us. Happy 12th Monthsary G! Looking forward to another first anniversary next year, as husband and wife.

Before I left for the Philippines, I bought G a ticket for a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour here in SG as my anniversary present for him (at least he can experience being a tourist in SG even for just a day and see the places in a different perspective). I know we won’t be together that day so I thought this as a good way to keep himself entertained. I hid my gift (with a letter and a map of SG) in one of the cupboards at home and last May 12, I told him to go look for that package. Since I won’t be there to join him in his tour, he brought along Mini J to keep him company and to remind him of me (that was sweet). And here is Mini J’s accounting of that day. Enjoy!

That’s My Mini Me. Do we look alike? This was a gift from G last July 26, 2011.

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A Happy And Tearful Affair – Jun&Ivy Nuptials

Who doesn’t cry at weddings? I know I always do. Well, I’ve only been to a couple of wedding ceremonies, when two of my closest and dearest friends got married, and I cried buckets of tears in both.

A really good friend of mine, Ivy, got married yesterday to one of the nicest and humblest guy I know, Jun. It was a really joyous occasion. But I was dubbed Ms. OA of the Night (OA means over acting) because tears just kept on pouring, non-stop, even when we were singing our hearts out to the tune of Livin La Vida Loca at the after party (there is a bit of exaggeration to that). But I can tell you a dozen of reasons why we cry at weddings. Or at least why I cried in theirs. And it may sound mushy and corny when I look back at it, but when I was in that moment, I can’t help but be engulfed in my emotions and the only way of release is to let go of the tears.

Jun and Ivy

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I am currently Freelancing. And Engaged.

Warning: This post is all mush and cheese. You need something to wash it down with. A tea perhaps? 🙂 

“I wanna marry you because you’re the first person that I want to look at when I wake up in the morning and the only one I wanna kiss goodnight. Because the first time that I saw these hands, I couldn’t imagine not being able to hold them. But mainly, when you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do. So will you… um… marry me?” Will Hayes on Definitely Maybe

I don’t know about you but when I was younger I have always dreamed wondered about how my wedding will be like, who I am spending my whole life with and how the proposal will be. I imagined the proposal to be done in that perfect setting (it changes from time to time though, depends on the current mood/trend/like :P), made by the ‘man of my dreams’ (still faceless until last year ^_^), and then the ‘and they live happily every after’ follows. But as I grew older those daydreams were forgotten, finding ‘The One’ was just something that I believe others could have but not me, became obsessed with That-Job-That-Will-Define-Me and everything else in between. But (prepare for much cheesiness) when I met The One, the Man of My Dreams, my Superman – everything changed, being with my Soulmate has become my first priority.

This photo was taken when we were just sat down. Our wait staff was so eager to take our photo. 😀

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Shit People Say on (Happy) ValentiMes Day…

On Christmas we are merry, New Year happy, and despite the irony, most people greet each other a Happy Halloween. But unlike any other ‘holidays’, Valentine’s Day elicit a lot of different reactions from people all over. Some are bitter, crude, nostalgic (or trying to be) or cheesily in love. Most are acting as if it’s nothing special but posts a greeting on their Facebook page anyway; there are a few who are taking advantage of the occasion by promoting their business (cute V-day gift ideas! nothing bad about that); and there are those who are being diplomatic by putting up an update like: “Happy V-day” (they can’t even say the word), Single awareness day (yes), friendship day people (yes)! Talk about playing it safe.

So just to show how people (my Facebook friends) are like on this day, February 14th, I’ve complied few status updates that caught my eye. It’s up to you to categorize it to (a) bitterness; (b) nostalgia; (c) crude; (d) cheesily in love; or (e) I don’t care (But I do, really).

Grandma and Granpa Love – Copied from one of my friend’s FB Friend, Sabrina Dee who copied it from a friend on Instragram.

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