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On Globe’s Speed Testing and Service

So. InfoPhalanx left a comment on my previous post on Globe Tattoo. He also tested his Globe Tattoo connection on Speedtest.net and got this a disappointing result too.

Curious, at first I thought it was meant to disapprove my post regarding Globe Tattoo’s connection but I was wrong. It showed that the connection he’s using only has an average download speed of 0.28 (he did his test in Ortigas area). And so I did a little testing myself and the result?

Result of Speedtest.net on Globe Tattoo

I got a 0.29 Mbps download rate as opposed to their “up to 2Mpbs” tagline. That’s an overpromise Globe Tattoo. And that overpromise lead people to buy your product and left them disappointed AND disatisfied with your service. Again, what has happened? Yes, you can say that it is an effective Marketing ploy. But at the end of the day, it’s Customer’s Satisfaction that really matters, isn’t it? So you better do something about it or your product will be an EPIC PHAIL. 😛


Two weekends ago, my dad visited me for a weekend. He saw my Globe Tattoo and it somewhat convinced my dad to buy a wireless broadband for himself. He tried it and kinda satistfied with the connection speed (I kept telling him that it’s slow and that Smart Bro’s faster, blah, blah, blah). And so the next day, we went to SM North Annex to go visit Smart and Globe’s service center an inquire about their wireless broadband. I somehow maneuvered my dad into going to Smart Bro service center first because I really don’t want him to buy Globe Tattoo (I’ve learned my lesson there).

But, Smart successfully drove away and lost a customer because of their poor customer service. How?

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Globe Tattoo Disappointment

I have been a loyal Globe user since the cellphone boom here in the Philippines… I have been singing nothing but praises for Globe, expect for my short stint with them a while ago. Other than that, I have got nothing complain-able about their service. I know, they’re not perfect, so are the others. There may be several glitches in their technology and products but I overlooked it and continued on patronizing the brand. Until now.

I’ve been planning to get a Wireless Broadband connection for my personal use at home. Once, I borrowed a Smart Bro Wireless from a friend and tried it out at home, using my age-old Toshie. I was quite surprised actually that the connection was faster than expected. I was impressed with Smart, to be honest, because I never thought they can satisfy me with their product. I was quite happy with Smart Bro during that short period that I was using it.

Now, there’s an urgent need to get a net connection at home (what that is, I still have to blog about it in the future ). So when I heard just last Friday that Smart Bro has a new and improved Smart Bro for only Php 1,995 (before it was Php 2,500) I immediately checked out their site and really considered buying one. But when I thought of checking out Globe Telecom’s site first (because for sure, they don’t want to be left behind), there I saw their new and improved wireless broadband product, the Globe Tattoo (formerly known as Globe Visibility) and is a hundred pesos cheaper than what Smart is offering.

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