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Shit People Say on (Happy) ValentiMes Day…

On Christmas we are merry, New Year happy, and despite the irony, most people greet each other a Happy Halloween. But unlike any other ‘holidays’, Valentine’s Day elicit a lot of different reactions from people all over. Some are bitter, crude, nostalgic (or trying to be) or cheesily in love. Most are acting as if it’s nothing special but posts a greeting on their Facebook page anyway; there are a few who are taking advantage of the occasion by promoting their business (cute V-day gift ideas! nothing bad about that); and there are those who are being diplomatic by putting up an update like: “Happy V-day” (they can’t even say the word), Single awareness day (yes), friendship day people (yes)! Talk about playing it safe.

So just to show how people (my Facebook friends) are like on this day, February 14th, I’ve complied few status updates that caught my eye. It’s up to you to categorize it to (a) bitterness; (b) nostalgia; (c) crude; (d) cheesily in love; or (e) I don’t care (But I do, really).

Grandma and Granpa Love – Copied from one of my friend’s FB Friend, Sabrina Dee who copied it from a friend on Instragram.

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