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Easy Homemade Chips

To continue my easy-to-cook saga, I now share with you my easy homemade potato chips.

It’s one of those periods when you just want to pigout and stuff yourself with anything and everything. For me, it’s easier to cook than to buy snacks outside because (1) I’m strapped for money as I’m just ‘freelancing’ and (2) I’d like to think I’m a kitchen doctor so I experiment.

Homemade Potato Chips

What’s for lunch? 🙂 Homemade Potato Chips!

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Easy to Make Mug Cake

I said it yesterday on Instagram and I’m saying it again today here: whoever invented Mug Cakes are pure geniuses!

I think my first try was the most successful one. My version of the Nutella Mug Cake.

I was raking my mind on what nice dessert make because a friend is coming over for a ‘slumber’ party. I already knew what to prepare for dinner (Roast Potatoes, Roasted Coca Cola Spare Ribs, Garden Salad) but what to serve for dessert or something sweet was a bit hard to decide on. You see, I’m really not good at baking which I recently found out, and accepted, when I baked G’s birthday cake, so I was leaning towards a no-bake cake, ref cakes or fruit salad! Anyway, my go-to site has always been Pinterest (well, ever since I became a member) so I searched for ‘desserts’ and found a recipe for Mug Cakes! 🙂

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Simple Recipe: Baked Potato Crisps

I love cooking for and feeding G. And since we didn’t have a proper dinner at home this week, I decided to cook for him ‘something edible’, nothing grand, just a simple meal from the available ingredients in our kitchen. So tonight’s menu are:

(1) Mini Pizza. The Flavours? Garlic & Bacon and Cheesy Meatballs. These are ‘recycled’ ingredients.

(2) My Coca Cola Chicken Wings. I haven’t had my chicken wings fix for a while now so this is a treat for myself. I feel good looking at G devouring it. ^_^

(3) And Baked Potato Crisps, the recipe I got from Pinterest. We just need to have potatoes in the menu because G loves his potatoes.

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