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Globe Tattoo Disappointment

I have been a loyal Globe user since the cellphone boom here in the Philippines… I have been singing nothing but praises for Globe, expect for my short stint with them a while ago. Other than that, I have got nothing complain-able about their service. I know, they’re not perfect, so are the others. There may be several glitches in their technology and products but I overlooked it and continued on patronizing the brand. Until now.

I’ve been planning to get a Wireless Broadband connection for my personal use at home. Once, I borrowed a Smart Bro Wireless from a friend and tried it out at home, using my age-old Toshie. I was quite surprised actually that the connection was faster than expected. I was impressed with Smart, to be honest, because I never thought they can satisfy me with their product. I was quite happy with Smart Bro during that short period that I was using it.

Now, there’s an urgent need to get a net connection at home (what that is, I still have to blog about it in the future ). So when I heard just last Friday that Smart Bro has a new and improved Smart Bro for only Php 1,995 (before it was Php 2,500) I immediately checked out their site and really considered buying one. But when I thought of checking out Globe Telecom’s site first (because for sure, they don’t want to be left behind), there I saw their new and improved wireless broadband product, the Globe Tattoo (formerly known as Globe Visibility) and is a hundred pesos cheaper than what Smart is offering.

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