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Homemade Easy Chorizo Pasta

My very own (Sweet) Chorizo Pasta. 🙂

For a change, I decided to cook lunch (instead of dinner ^_^) for G today—Chorizo Pasta. I was initially thinking of cooking Adobo since I still have a few chicken parts and pork belly left in the freezer. But G said he wanted something light and not rice and we all know Adobo cannot be eaten without rice! So rummaging through our fridge and pantry, I didn’t have that much ingredients to do anything so it was an internal debate between (1) homemade pizza as we still have the frozen pizza base, cheese, and a few veggies that I can throw on top, (2) Chicken and Pork Afritada or (3) pasta! It was a NO to the first two because (1) we just had pizza last night and (2) Afritada is also best paired with rice. So pasta it is.

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