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How I Accidentally End Up in Singapore PART 2

Will post soon. 🙂

How I Accidentally End Up In Singapore PART 1

It was supposedly a Vietnam-Cambodia-Vietnam trip. But since I can only get a day (only ONE day) off, I only booked a round trip ticket to Vietnam forgoing the side trip to Cambodia to see the Angkor Wat. Thinking that maybe I can go there next time, this time I would be coming from Bangkok. Hmmm, tempting. And because I am subscribed to the Seat Sale Alert of Cebu Pacific, last May 27, I booked myself (and my officemates) a flight to Vietnam from August 19 to August 22. With much enthusiasm, I announced to them and to the world that “We’re going to Vietnam, for two AND A HALF days, for only 3.5k.”

We overlooked the our return flight. Instead of 1am, we all thought that our flight back to Manila is at one in the afternoon!

We overlooked our return flight. Instead of 1am, we all thought that our flight back to Manila is at one in the afternoon!

And so, we all thought that we were leaving in the afternoon of the 22nd for Manila. Although this isn’t my first time to fly nor my first time to fly in the wee hours of the morning, it really didn’t cross my mind that they use MILITARY TIME (as if I haven’t been in ROTC for two years as an officer! Boo me). Of course, I know they use military time, but somehow, it was ingrained in me that I’m spending two and a half days on vacation (partly maybe because I WANT it to be that LONG) and that somehow, for me, it would be unwise to go overseas for only two freakin days. Do I make sense?
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Trip to Saigon

Vietnam and Cambodia are next in my countries-to-visit list (which, by the way, is mostly composed of southeast asian countries because it’s what I can afford right now). But because of time constraint, the group decided that it isn’t wise to go to Cambodia given the time limitations and just enjoy and explore Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) at its fullest.

Plane fare costs only Php 3,511. Cebu Pacific, during its seat sale, is a blessing to wannabe travelers/backpackers/wanderers like me. I booked this ticket last May 20 during one of their 3-day seat sales.

payment details

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Birthday Trip Itinerary

This is a long overdue post. It started with a whim of wanting to travel alone. And of course, an alert in my email from Cebu Pacific that they were having a grand seat sale.
And because it’s November (money coming in because of  “bonuses” and my credit card still has enough balance to accommodate the whim) I bought tickets to Hong Kong and Macau. A birthday gift/birthday trip for myself.

Planning stage was quite easy. I asked advise from traveler friends, et al, on where to go and what best to do in Hong Kong and Macau. I followed the advice of some but mostly my itinerary was made out of gut feel. 🙂

First things first: Budget.
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