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G&J’s 12th Monthsary!

I am a big fan of firsts that’s why I refused to acknowledge that it is G&J’s 1st year anniversary yesterday, 13th of May 2012, as we’re apart: I’m in Davao, G is in SG. But I realized and should have known that what matters most is what’s in our hearts: this so much love that is enough to cover the distance that separates us. Happy 12th Monthsary G! Looking forward to another first anniversary next year, as husband and wife.

Before I left for the Philippines, I bought G a ticket for a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour here in SG as my anniversary present for him (at least he can experience being a tourist in SG even for just a day and see the places in a different perspective). I know we won’t be together that day so I thought this as a good way to keep himself entertained. I hid my gift (with a letter and a map of SG) in one of the cupboards at home and last May 12, I told him to go look for that package. Since I won’t be there to join him in his tour, he brought along Mini J to keep him company and to remind him of me (that was sweet). And here is Mini J’s accounting of that day. Enjoy!

That’s My Mini Me. Do we look alike? This was a gift from G last July 26, 2011.

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