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Cebu City Day Trip

I’ve only been to Cebu, the Queen City of the South, once in my life some nineteen years ago, so it’s valid that I have forgotten what the place is like. Last May, I came back to Cebu for a friend’s wedding and spent a couple of days playing tourist with my mom. It’s kinda like my hometown, Davao City, with a few skyscrapers here and there (even more than Davao City), lotsa shopping malls and some patched-up old shacks that served as homes/diners/canteens/vulcanizing shops/etc., but with bad traffic almost similar to that of Metro Manila. It’s good that I can speak the local dialect so I wouldn’t be taken advantage of.
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Davao City As Seen By A ‘Kano (Guest Post by G)

Kano is a Filipino slang for Americans, to be exact, and Caucasians in general. I asked G to write something about Davao City so you would know how my hometown left an impression to a foreigner and a first-timer in Davao City and the Philippines. And, oh, G isn’t a ‘Kano, he’s Briton. 🙂


Kini Rogers: Search for the Double Down by G

As you can tell by our ever-increasing bellies, J and I are both big fast food fans. We both share a love for the McDonald’s McSpicy and both have a weakness for fried chicken. When I discovered that KFC in the Philippines had the legendary Double Down on their menu, we both knew we had to go. Oh, and maybe see a bit of the Philippines too.

For those who don’t know, the Double Down looks like a sex in the mouth. The colonel has cunningly replaced the unwanted bread buns with the genius concept of two extra pieces of chicken, and glued it all together with a bacon filling. It’s the kind of food item that men go to war for, and I was as excitied as a Filipino in a jam factory to finally try one.

Kini Rogers in CebuKini Rogers, a Lechon Manok (Roast Chicken) Chain in the Visayas and Mindanao Region. Photo taken from affordablecebu.com

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Now Vacationing: Davao City, My Home

To culminate our Fun Feb, G and I decided to take a vacation. Destination of choice: Davao City, my hometown.

It has been a while since I celebrated my birthday at home; 9 years to be exact. I have been away for too long and this is the perfect opportunity for me to reconnect, recharge and rebuild.

I am currently vacationing at home. 🙂

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Sunset in Camiguin

Sunset in Camiguin

Sometimes you don’t need a companion to travel. A view like this is great company and enough to give you one memorable trip.
I was blessed to go to one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines last year (for free thanks to my Dad), the Province of Camiguin, an island born of fire. I went there alone on my first day to be joined by my dad and his officemates the next.
I won’t discuss it’s history and all that sh*t here. I just want to share what I my most unforgettable experience there. To be honest, I was quite disappointed to find out that the only best thing in Camiguin is the White Island. Unless of course you have a lot of money to spend diving in Mantigue Island, then go visit there. We went to almost all of Camiguin’s falls and springs (hot and cold) as you can easily go around the main island in a day.
The best part of my travel to Camiguin is capturing my first ever sunset. It happened on my first day alone on the island. It’s so dramatic and almost perfect that I was swearing at myself for being ill-equipped at photography that I can’t capture it right. But hey, since it’s my first, for me it’s perfect. 🙂

15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

And this is it! For all balloon enthusiasts like me (who dreams of flying one day. lol), here’s a great news for you!

The 2010 Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, now on it’s 15th years, will be on February 11, Thursday to February 14, Sunday na!

Still held at the Clark Freeport Zone, Clark Field, Pampanga, expect 25 to 30 balloons to blow your mind away! ^_^


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