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Getting High and Tea’d Out

I have never heard of such a concept as High Tea or Afternoon High Tea before I went to Singapore. Apparently, it is huge here and probably in each and every country the Brits occupied as it’s an English institution dating back to the early Victorian Days. It makes sense because if Spaniards were into siestas and afternoon rests which the Filipinos were more than willing to adapt, then this is their thing. Interesting to think that while the colonizers are resting or having a midday tea break, the rest of the colony are outside, under the sun, doing the backbreaking labor.

Traditionally, High Tea offers ‘something hot, something savoury and something sweet’ which is what The Courtyard at The Fullerton offers in their Afternoon Tea menu.

G made a reservation for us to go to The Courtyard at the Fullerton Hotel for his pre-birthday celebration. It wasn’t my first High Tea as we had one at Halia Restaurant last year but this time, it’s a bit more upscale. G asked me if I was a fan of High Teas but I can’t really say because this was only my second. But come to think of it, who wouldn’t want Afternoon High Tea if you were served with pretty desserts and yummy savoury treats! And unlimited too so you can replenish your plate with you favourites.

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My Proper English Dinner

For dinner tonight, G heated prepared a proper English dinner. But before we go on to the ingredients and how-to’s let me first define what his version of a ‘proper English dinner’ is.

2 Veg + 1 Meat English Dinner

This is the proper English dinner for a working class living in the northern part of England. According to G, the rationale between this meal is that: it’s filling, it’s affordable and it helps keep them warm. Also, there is no sharp taste as the English prefer their food bland.

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Make Your Own Crisp Butty (Sandwich)


1. 2 Slices of White Bread
2. Salt and Vinegar Flavored Crisps
3. Margarine

How to Make:

1. Do NOT toast the bread. Leave it as is.
2. Spread the margarine on one side of both slices.
3. Place a sufficient amount of crisps on one of the bread slices, buttered side up.
4. Once satisfied with the amount of crisps on your bread, place the other bread slice on top of the mound of crisps, buttered side down.
5. Enjoy.


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