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My #30for30 List…

(Updated 9 February 2016)

…has long been forgotten but I need to revive it as the 30th is looming.

Making lists is not new to me. When Babs turned thirty 48 years ago (he won’t like me including this in here), I tried coming up with a list of 30 gifts for G but only ended up giving him 9, with my list going only up to 15. I have also written a birthday wish list before turning twenty-five and ended up forgetting the part 2 of the post.  Oh, and these I-have-no-list-for-my-26th-but-I’ve-this-countdown-26days-before-but-only-did-three-days-of-it post, and the Project 365 on Instagram and here on the blog which never really got past Day 10.

Despite my unsuccessful attempts on these list, this time last year I tried coming up with a 30list to achieve / do / be before I reach 30. But as you can see below, I haven’t achieved a quarter of it before reaching 22 February 2016 so it’s gonna be on or during my 30th. At the same time, I can only list down twenty-two without being repetitive or sounding too materialistic or be too vague and prophetic i.e. wanting world peace.

So yes, If you still haven’t gotten it  yet, I’m turning 30 this year. It must be a big deal for most people turning thirty. However, as much as I want it to be a big deal, it does not feel like it. But as much as possible, I am trying to make it a ‘subtle’ fanfare – if there is such a thing – for myself and with my loved ones.

So without further ado, here’s my incomplete list of #30on30, with some commentaries. I am open to suggestions / recommendations to complete the list.

(1) Dye Hair Pink 

I am also considering a deep purple or blue, just so it does not bother with work. I guess it is best to do it NOW when I’m still ‘young’ and it’s more acceptable than, say, when in I’m in my 40s. Nothing wrong with women of any age to dye their hair in different colours as long as it suits them.

Well, maybe just a crazy but subtle highlights will do.

(2) Travel Alone (DONE)

I’ve done this in my early twenties and just recently. In my early twenties, it was sort of liberating to be a solo traveler. I didn’t have to stick to anyone else’s itinerary but my own; I went to places or chose which food to eat according to my preferences without consulting other people; I can let myself be during those trips.

But it feels different traveling alone now that I’m much older and married. My recent travel to Europe was somehow filled with moments of longing, of wanting to have shared those precious moments with someone. Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed my recent #30for30 travels to Europe but I can’t help but think about things like “Oh, Babs would really love this” or “This is a good #ootd place for Jett”, etc. The three things I’ve mentioned above are still achievable even when you’re traveling with someone (in my case, it’s almost always with Babs).

Traveling alone is still the best form of ‘soul searching’ for me (I guess this is what an introvert would tell you!). It does not mean that you need go to places far away to do this. I suggest that at least you take a long walk alone or go get a nice dinner by yourself. A “me time” is always precious and good for the soul.

(3)  Cook 30 Specialty Dishes from a Cookbook or Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes 

I am working on it. I did a couple of GRs recipes like the Gnocchi and Beef Wellington and I’m working on some others. I hope to complete this 30 specialty dishes and share with you a Joyceee-fied version of it on this blog. And yes, I’m a fan of GORDON RAMSAY – I’ve stalked in London. Now, if only I can get a signed copy of his cookbook…

2015-11-30 07.43.45

Someone is clearly a fan. 🙂

(4) Volunteer

When I first came to Singapore six years ago, my aim is to start a career in the non-profit space. But logistics and circumstances stopped me from pursuing one. I tried applying for several volunteer jobs here but they are either looking for a (1) local person or (2) the timing is within office hours. I am still looking and my mindset now is that doing good things starts from your immediate surroundings.

One thing I want to do though is to teach children. I have fond memories of going out every Saturday doing good news classes to kids in low-income communities and having my own class during Daily Vacation Bible School. Those were good times and something that I want to do again.

(5) Own A Pug (DONE)

@IamMrPies on Instagram. Enough said. 

(6) Be Financially Stable

At thirty, everyone should be financially stable and I’m working on it. Almost there.

(7) Own a Designer Bag

Now, I am a bit on the fence about this. I’m not a sucker for designer labels and ‘branded’ stuff. I buy my clothes from shops that are on ‘sale’, I do not own a single item that is worth more than $100, except maybe for gadgets and, erm, face cream. My current ‘bag line-up’ is composed of a Pug Tote Bag which somehow looks like this for weekend getaways, a Mango leather bag which I bought from London on sale, a Nike sports bag which I lugged around my trip, and some others which are not worth mentioning. These will probably be replaced when it’s all worn out. So, yeah, owning a designer bag might be a good ‘investment’ (they all say this) so I am considering it as I still don’t see the value (apart from the ‘ social status’ but correct me if I’m wrong, bag owners, maybe it’s just nothing for them. 🙂 ). If YOU are thinking of buying one, here is a list of Designer Bags to invest in 2016 from Forbes to consider.

(8) Reach 60kg – 65kg in weight this year (DID it ONCE, will do it AGAIN)

Achievable? Yes. I just recently joined the #Fitbit bandwagon and religiously completing my #MyFitnessPal journal. Both Babs and I are committed to getting fit this year so we’ll see, yeah? Be healthy, stay healthy.

(9) Complete 24 15 books to read this year

I initially was planning for twenty four books, as in 2 books a month, but even Mark Zuckerberg is only aiming for 10 quality ones. I have loads of books that I have yet to read – including my Narnia set – so I’m making it 15 this year. 

(10) Read the Bible Through

And while I am in the subject of books, as a Christian, it is imperative for me to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, at least regularly. I have not done so and I am to do it this year and every year moving forward.

(11) Learn the Basics of Mandarin

I have tried enrolling in EDx courses last year. They offer free courses on almost anything! But due to work constraints, I was not able to go to my online classes so this year, I aim to do a bit of Mandarin courses. I would have preferred French or German but hey, these Mandarin-speaking people are taking over the world soon so better join the crowd! 😛 Kidding aside, since I am living in a predominantly Mandarin-speaking country, it could probably work to my advantage to have at least as a small understanding of the language. And I actually am not too bad at understanding context clues when Babs and friends are speaking Chinese. 😉

(12) Enrol in a Short Course

As in #11, yes, I’ve tried enrolling myself in online courses but I never really did anything apart from reading the first module. I will see to it this year that I will finish one course. It does not have to be a ‘professional’ course, I’m looking at some enrichment classes as well.

Side note: I did attend a course on pasta making! 🙂 It led me to buy Jamie Oliver’s pasta machine which was only ever used 3x.

(13) Quit My Job and Go Travelling (DONE)

Yes – did that in 2013. Backpacking through Southeast Asia for 3 months.

(14) Full Medical Checkup

I aim to do this yearly moving forward.

(15) Vaccinate

I used to work with a pharma client back in the Philippines and I’ve leaerned that Cervical Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the Philippines? One dies of Cervical Cancer every TWO minutes in the Philippines. Despite the shocking statistics (you can research them out yourself, it pays to know), the illness is easily preventable. It only takes regular screening (i.e. #14 in my list – which I have not done ever in my entire life) and vaccine to prevent that.

(16) A real bucket list item: See Aurora Borealis (DONE)

IT. IS. A. MUST. DO. MUST. GO. MUST. SEE. I can’t compare it to anything. The northern lights are darn beautiful and enchanting and give you those goosebumps. Those in the south can catch the Aurora Australis (southern light) but it’s a rare occurrence they say as most of it happens above the sea.

(17) Another ‘Standard’ Bucket List: Meet Santa (DONE)

Despite coming from a Christian background, Santa (US) / Father Christmas (UK) is still a good story to tell to kids without, of course, making them the hero of CHRISTmas. And of course it was a thrill for me even as an adult to meet the ‘real’ Santa (although it was a sad news to hear that he filed for bankruptcy last year). 😦

(18) Create my Own Ebook of Recipes

See #3. A Joyceee-fied version of common recipes. Maybe a healthier version? We’ll see. I have a few drafts here and there and own a couple of recipe notebooks (yes, I’m old school like that), so I’ll have to see what I can get from that.

(19) Wine and not Whine

Be an expert of <something>. I was thinking of coffee but I think I like my red too much over beans. If wine isn’t that expensive in Singapore (and unhealthy), I’d have a cellar in our (hot and humid) house by now.

I just recently discovered that German wines are to die for. Yes, Italy and France are famous for their wines so not enough credit goes to German. But recent visit proved it otherwise. I even “packed” a couple of bottles home (which cost 8 euros, at least – in Singapore it would be like $50, yes, I checked) and I refuse to drink it unless it’s a momentous occasion (say, my birthday, maybe?).

(20) 30 22 Countries Before 30 (DONE – Almost)

Taiwan. France. Austria. Switzerland. Germany. Russia. Estonia. Sweden. Finland. UK. Brunei. Cambodia. Laos. Thailand. Indonesia. China. Macau. Hong Kong. Vietnam. Malaysia. Singapore. Philippines. And hopefully more this year. 

I know people younger than I am were able to travel 50 countries before they reach 30! Shame that I only started traveling later in life but still hashtag blessed and hashtag grateful that I had the opportunity to see places and my teenage dreams of ‘backpacking’ through Europe became a reality. Maybe by the time I reach 40 I would have reached 40 countries (that would mean at least 1.5 new country every year for 10 years!). Dream on.

(21) Run 10K, a half marathon or a full marathon.

The first one I guess is much more realistic as I am not that fit. But something to work on towards the end of the year, if my knee is one with me on this one.

(22) Own a Pink Vespa. 

When I only have an expired non-professional Philippine driver’s license. Maybe Vespa is not for me this year. But I can also settle for the pink selection from this!


(23) Surprise trip. (DONE)

Yes, B@bs gave me a surprise trip for as present for my birthday. I was only told to (1) pack my bag (with one evening clothes and swimwear) and (2) bring my passport. I never knew about our trip until 1 hour before flying – even through immigration he was able to keep it a secret. 🙂

We went to Bali. We’ve never been. We did not have a good impression of Bali before, thinking that it’s another tourist trap. But where we’ve been, in Seminyak, it was lovely. ‘They’ say Ubud is lovelier.

(24) %#(!&@^$ (DONE)

Something PG. 🙂

So, that’s it folks. Again, I have yet to complete this list and I probably have the whole year to do so. Again, suggestions and recommendations will be considered. I will also update it as and when an item in the list has been completed.

About IamJoyceee

I am a full time day dreamer and an eternal wonderer. A Bible-believing Christian, who is a big lover of the Big G, my G and my own little pug, Mr. Pies. I am passionate about being a home chef, solving pain points, as well as adopting tech for good. Twitter: @iamjoyceeee | Instagram: @iamjoyceee


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