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G&J’s 12th Monthsary!

I am a big fan of firsts that’s why I refused to acknowledge that it is G&J’s 1st year anniversary yesterday, 13th of May 2012, as we’re apart: I’m in Davao, G is in SG. But I realized and should have known that what matters most is what’s in our hearts: this so much love that is enough to cover the distance that separates us. Happy 12th Monthsary G! Looking forward to another first anniversary next year, as husband and wife.

Before I left for the Philippines, I bought G a ticket for a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour here in SG as my anniversary present for him (at least he can experience being a tourist in SG even for just a day and see the places in a different perspective). I know we won’t be together that day so I thought this as a good way to keep himself entertained. I hid my gift (with a letter and a map of SG) in one of the cupboards at home and last May 12, I told him to go look for that package. Since I won’t be there to join him in his tour, he brought along Mini J to keep him company and to remind him of me (that was sweet). And here is Mini J’s accounting of that day. Enjoy!

That’s My Mini Me. Do we look alike? This was a gift from G last July 26, 2011.

– – – – –

Hello! I’m new to blogging and writing so forgive me if this post isn’t very good. I’m only one inch high, so it takes me awhile to jump from key to key…

Today was my first 12th monthsary, and I was on official stand-in duty for Big Joyce. Big Joyce was away doing Big Joyce things, but I felt I was perfectly capable of being her representative for her while she was away for her big date with Big G.
I always knew that one day I would be called upon to help Big Joyce when she was not available, and I’m proud to say that I think I did a really good job today. Normally, I spend my sundays with Chiqui Chiqui and Super G, but I was needed today and proved that though I maybe small, I have just as much spirit as Mommy Big Joyce.
I’ve noticed that Big G has been sad and alone recently. From my shelf I can see that he has been all alone in bed and missing his partner, so I wanted to do whatever I could to help him and Big Joyce on their Special Day. Luckily, Big Joyce agreed so finally I got my chance to shine!
After Big G played on his Nintendo for a couple of hours, he held me in his hand (my hand is too small to hold him “hand-by-hand”) and took me for our 12th monthsary lunch. Actually, we wanted sushi today as I love fresh salmon, but the big collections were all gone from Umi Sushi apart from some eggy concoctions, so Big G treated me to a KFC. Even though we were supposed to have chicken wings later, it was Sunday as he pointed out, so it was our legal KFC eating day. Once we guzzled down the Roasta Burger and said hi to Dave Joy, we head to Raffles City and boarded the bus which my big sister had provided for us.

This is a photo slideshow of their day out together. 🙂

It was a super-awesome day, although there were many times I was afraid that the wind would blow me away. The bus was very quiet and thankfully there were no big groups of my big Filipino brothers and sisters, so Big G and me got to sit right at the front of the bus and watch all the sights go by. It was a quick trip and we didn’t really see anything we had not seen before, but we had a super kilig day taking photos and seeing Singapore through a fresh perspective. We got off where we started – Raffles Hotel. Big G was interested at first to hang around all afternoon and maybe play his Gameboy in the Long Bar while he waited for his evening plans, but I reminded him that we still had some nice Dilmah teabags at home. So we decided to head home, but first Big G found me a lovely Mini Raffles Hotel where I had lots of fun drinking Mini Singapore Slings and remembering all the mini dates and mini kisses we had enjoyed over a year ago.

I think the next part was my favourite, as it really showed that Big G was committed to actually making a real adventure of my mini day out. We went to Starbucks in Simei, and although I knew Big G really did this so he could play his Gameboy for an hour, I thought it was cute that he bargained with the Barista just to get me a mini cup and mini tea so he could show Big Joyce what a lovely day I was having. The mini cup was still quite big for me, so it took me awhile to drink that while Big G played his game and even ordered a delicious looking Peanut Butter Cake which he didn’t even share with me. I was a bit tampo about this and didn’t believe his excuse that it was too much sugar for my little body to handle, so I stopped speaking with him. This was my attitude, and I continued it when we went home so that I pretended to go to sleep. However, I was really hoping that Big G would cuddle up next to me and make some lambing…….. and after some minutes he got the hint and did 😀 *kilig*
I wasn’t expecting him to take me out in the evening, but he must have been feeling especially romantic and brought me out with him. As I sat in the taxi looking out of the window, I thought how wonderful today had been and wished that my ate Big J could have been here as well. Sadly, the chicken wing place was closed, so we headed with his friends – Big Andy and Big Joey – to East Coast Park. It was super busy there and it took us an hour to find a table, but it was worth it because Big G was not afraid of showing his mini girlfriend to his friends and over chicken wings – *kilig again* – we got to finally have some chicken wings together. 🙂
It’s the end of the day now and Big G is in bed, getting rested for work. I just wanted to jump on his Maccy and let you know Big Joyce that I had a wonderful day, and it was all thanks to you and your super plans. I know that Big G was sad today. Sometimes I caught his eye and saw that he was really missing you and wished you were here for his special day (actually, when he phoned his parents I heard him speak a lot about this). I know he was sad, but I also know he was really grateful for the present you gave him, and I know he enjoyed as much as he could the idea of pretending you were here through me. I know I’m just a mini Joyce and am no replacement for you; but I also know he enjoyed sending you the pictures of me with him and spending his first anniversary this way.
Anyway, Big G is sleeping now, but he told me to tell you he loves you very much and cannot wait for you to come home. And when he says “home”, he really means it, because he said home is wherever you two are together. Anyway, please don’t get jealous that I got to spend the day with him, and I look forward to having Big Mommy J back and we can all be together again, pa la.
Good night Joyce. Thanks for letting me keep Big G happy by letting him think of you, and I also really miss you sobra.
Lots of love,
Mini Joyce. xxxxxxx

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One thought on “G&J’s 12th Monthsary!

  1. cute!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Happy Anniversary, Big G and Big J!


    Posted by geoventurer | May 14, 2012, 12:53 PM

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