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A Happy And Tearful Affair – Jun&Ivy Nuptials

Who doesn’t cry at weddings? I know I always do. Well, I’ve only been to a couple of wedding ceremonies, when two of my closest and dearest friends got married, and I cried buckets of tears in both.

A really good friend of mine, Ivy, got married yesterday to one of the nicest and humblest guy I know, Jun. It was a really joyous occasion. But I was dubbed Ms. OA of the Night (OA means over acting) because tears just kept on pouring, non-stop, even when we were singing our hearts out to the tune of Livin La Vida Loca at the after party (there is a bit of exaggeration to that). But I can tell you a dozen of reasons why we cry at weddings. Or at least why I cried in theirs. And it may sound mushy and corny when I look back at it, but when I was in that moment, I can’t help but be engulfed in my emotions and the only way of release is to let go of the tears.

Jun and Ivy


Brides are really the prettiest on their wedding day. Even when Ivy had really lovely bridesmaids (ehem), she was still the most beautiful that day. I think it’s this quiet glow about her that makes her stunning, more than her make-up and well-styled hair. And being the romantic that I am, I would like to think that this glow was brought about by this love deep within her and the realization that she is going to be with someone she loves deeply and be with him forever, ‘for as long as they both shall live’.

Crying Moment #1: When the bride was putting on her dress and the photo op in her room.

Crying Moment #2: The Bridal March. It was a perfect setting: the setting sun shining on her veiled face; her long veil trailing behind her; the happy/loving/tearful look on her face as she goes nearer her groom; it’s the lovely music in the background; it’s how everyone went silent and still anticipating the bride’s entry.

I admire the bride for being calm and steady all throughout the event. She didn’t turn into a bridezilla. Even though she said she’s nervous, it really didn’t show. -Photo taken from KZ’s Facebook account.


Yeah, it’s a day full of love. I don’t think I can describe how it was full of love but it just is.

Crying Moment #3: Exchange of vows. I never thought I’d see Jun cry. And cry he did when he said his personal vow to Ivy. Those moments when Jun’s voice broke and he gave a little sob while saying his vows were really heart-melting. Ivy’s, even when written just that afternoon, was a perfect, 100% kilig and tear-jerker vow. If you were there, you would know that both vows were heartfelt and true, 110%.

Crying Moment #4: The Father Daughter dance. It’s the song. It’s the father-daughter moment. It’s the symbolic act of the bride’s father ‘giving her away’ to the groom. A cynic would look at it as corny and unnecessary. I guess if you are not a Daughter or Father you really won’t understand why this is a special moment.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mendero. 🙂 The happy couple.


Weddings are one of those special events that makes people get together. Everyone flew in from somewhere. Majority of the guests are not from Cebu. There were friends of Jun from high-school (Pisay Davao), Ivy’s friends from grade-school (Cebu), their university friends (Manila), and family friends from the province (Davao/Pagadian). Our group came in from Japan (Jilloh & Lot), Singapore (Moi), Manila (Joedi & KZ), Surigao (Remy). I have been away from the Philippines since February 2010 meaning I haven’t seen the girls since then. And if it wasn’t for the wedding, God knows when we will really see each other! Meeting each other has become harder and harder as we get older because we are now all living separate lives. But it was a lovely reunion after all these years (it always is with these girls), bringing up good memories, reliving embarrassing moments, keeping each other up to speed on each others lives, and making new memories.

Crying Moment #5: The fireworks. I remembered the times that the girls braved the crowd, the traffic, the pollution and the chaos just so we can watch the Pyrolympics. It was a yearly thing and we were able to watch it twice together. Looking at that, it could be the last time that we’d be watching fireworks together and that this moment might not happen again.

Crying Moment #6: Sad goodbyes. Although we had a really wonderful time, saying good bye is really the hardest part. But at least, we had these few wonderful days together. 

The GA Phat (L-R): Mako (Loren’s Cute Japanese Boyfie), Loren, Jilloh, Marnel (Jilloh’s Sporty Boyfie), Joedi aka Adele, Kizay, Tita Remy, Guy aka Polo Ravales.


I guess every girl, at one point in her life, wished for a wonderful wedding day. Priorities may have changed, wishes altered, and dreams may have been forgotten. But to those who are still wishing for a perfect wedding day, Jun and Ivy’s wedding could be it. Sure, there are glitches here and there, but the formula that makes it perfect is there: Friendship, true love and commitment of the bride and groom, support of the family, presence of the dearest friends, and, Christ as the center of it all.

Crying Moment #7: A good friend is now married! haha It just made me cry. So happy for her as I know Jun is great to her. And that they’re gonna be spending their lives together forever. ^_^

Crying Moment #8:Thinking of my own wedding, too.

Crying Moment #9: G wasn’t by my side in those tender and happy moments. And the realization that he’s not there to wipe my tears away made me cry all the more.

My friend Joedi rightly put it: We cried 100 liters of tears on that wedding day. I guess I have to save for mine. I’m not sure if I will cry as much but one thing is for sure, I WILL.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Interesting Facts and Trivia and Words of Wisdom:

(1) Nice to know… Most marriages end up in divorce because the couple may have made a decision to be together but they failed to commit to each other.

(2) The bride’s main request for her wedding was to have fireworks. She was told that morning that the hotel had new rules and they can’t bring in the fireworks. She was sad about that. But I guess they were just bluffing her to surprise her because, lo and behold, there were fireworks!

(3) There are no figures for the PH but in the States, 50% of marriages end up in divorce.

(4) Long Train Wedding Gowns with long veils are uuhhmaazzing! 😀 And a bejeweled one is wonderful too!

(5) The Maid of Honor has the most tasks! The hardest is giving the speech. 😮

(6) Three essentials when getting married: (a) public declaration, which is the wedding ceremony , (b) personal bind, the vow, physical union, the honeymoon.

(7) Doing a countdown na for my solemnization! 🙂 This wedding gave me some ideas on what I want for my own ceremony. Nothing much but I’ll try to make it perfect with what’s there. It’s perfect to begin with because I am marrying my G. 🙂 (you may go sic now with all these mush. 😛 )

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  1. You’re making me cry too… Kalai friends are the greatest friends ever! Barbie and I were talking about it today. =)


    Posted by Angeli Tabin | May 7, 2012, 12:25 AM


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