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Pizza Capers: A Really Crap Pizza Experience

It’s our first time to have Pizza Capers and this is what we have to say about it:


“The most disappointing pizza experience I have ever suffered in my life – and I’ve even eaten pizza in JB. After a wait of 90 minutes, two tiny boxes arrived which we had purchased for the ludricous sum of nearly $30. I should have spent the $30 on frozen pizza from Fairprice. The pizza was tiny, like a mini frisbee, and for the same price I could have had two decent sized pizzas from Canadian 241. We ordered the deal which gave us a “cheaper” price of $24 (before tax and delivery charge) for two pizzas – I would have hated to have paid another $20 for the standard price to receive this junk. We ordered the “Italian Connection” and “Beef Provencal”, both flavourless and unappealing. Next time I’ll save my time and money and just eat some sick from the ground – it’ll be much better.”

Pizza Capers::Pizza Crappers


“My fiance was craving for a pizza and I suggested we get Pizza Capers as (#1) it was recommended by a friend and (#2) when I was browsing through your site once, what you have on your menu looked especially good. The pizza delivered to us was a great disappointment: unappetizing presentation, bland flavor and for the price we paid (S$24++ for 2) it was a sorry little piece (x2 – so we’re sorry twice!). We could have easily (we waited 75 minutes for our pizza to be delivered) and happily gotten the Canadian 241 whose Italian pizza is far more better than your Italian Connection (which I had) and your Beef Provencal looks really great on paper but the execution (final product) is so poor. It’s either you improve your food presentation, lower your price point, don’t claim gourmet if you can’t deliver on that promise and most importantly, handle complaints better than deleting it from your page. You should learn a thing or two about CRM + Social Media and probably read up on case studies because if you’ll just delete this then you’d probably be up for bigger crises. Just saying.”

I wouldn’t be making a big fuzz out of it if but we were greatly disappointed. Plus, I recommended it to G confident that it’s good, but it really is NOT! And we’re not the only ones who were disappointed. Check out the reviews on hungrygowhere.com and you’ll see that it’s generally negative. Anyway, I don’t know what Matador Company can do to improve on this but hopefully they will. No, they SHOULD!

Pizza Capers Gourmet Kitchen is located at 226 Upper East Coast Road. You may call (+65) 6262 6262 or visit Pizza Capers’ website for delivery.

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