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Now Vacationing: Davao City, My Home

To culminate our Fun Feb, G and I decided to take a vacation. Destination of choice: Davao City, my hometown.

It has been a while since I celebrated my birthday at home; 9 years to be exact. I have been away for too long and this is the perfect opportunity for me to reconnect, recharge and rebuild.

I am currently vacationing at home. 🙂

So what do I do when I am vacationing at home? Well, I have to reconnect and be one with Davao City. How? For one there’s the…

SUN AND THE BEACH! Dasag Beach Resort, Samal Island, Davao Del Sur

Samal Island is just a ten to fifteen minute boat ride from Davao City. There are tons of beach resorts to go to: from the high-class Pearl Farm Beach Resort to the affordable Paradise Beach Resort.

And of course, there are some activities in Davao that surely pique the adventurous side of me…

LONG LINE TO ZIP. Taken at Camp Sabros, 2009. Outland Adventure also has two functioning zip lines (6oom and 5oom) for Php 500.

Zip line at the nearby town of Kapatagan or the Outland Adventure just within the city.

And if the family feels up to it (Yay! for family bonding), then we head on up and to the mountains we go!

MOUNTAINS TO CONQUER. Drive to Seagull Mountain Resort.

Hike up a mountain (Mt. Apo) or drive up a mountain resort (Eden Nature Park) or visit a your land in the mountains. 🙂

But more than these things, home is the place where I recharge and start to rebuild.

I must admit that this visit is a much needed respite from the ‘real world’ that I came from.  After all the tears shed, sleepless and worrisome nights, hurtful words thrown my way, I am now home to dry my tears, ease my mind and heal the wounds. It is at Home where all my insecurities are forgotten, people who question my character and capabilities are (never forgotten) made irrelevant and should be shrugged off (only to be proven wrong one day) and my belief in myself and my faith  are restored.

Home always has been my comfort zone. Right now I am contented sitting comfortably in this cocoon, relishing the comfort it gives me, reveling the fact that it’s protecting me from the harsh, cruel world. But I know that once I am recharged and back to my  full-functioning self, I have to get back to the real world and tackle it by its horns.

But I’m sure gonna miss G while here. It would have been a faster recovery with him by my side.

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I am a full time day dreamer and an eternal wonderer. A Bible-believing Christian, who is a big lover of the Big G, my G and my own little pug, Mr. Pies. I am passionate about being a home chef, solving pain points, as well as adopting tech for good. Twitter: @iamjoyceeee | Instagram: @iamjoyceee


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