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Shit People Say on (Happy) ValentiMes Day…

On Christmas we are merry, New Year happy, and despite the irony, most people greet each other a Happy Halloween. But unlike any other ‘holidays’, Valentine’s Day elicit a lot of different reactions from people all over. Some are bitter, crude, nostalgic (or trying to be) or cheesily in love. Most are acting as if it’s nothing special but posts a greeting on their Facebook page anyway; there are a few who are taking advantage of the occasion by promoting their business (cute V-day gift ideas! nothing bad about that); and there are those who are being diplomatic by putting up an update like: “Happy V-day” (they can’t even say the word), Single awareness day (yes), friendship day people (yes)! Talk about playing it safe.

So just to show how people (my Facebook friends) are like on this day, February 14th, I’ve complied few status updates that caught my eye. It’s up to you to categorize it to (a) bitterness; (b) nostalgia; (c) crude; (d) cheesily in love; or (e) I don’t care (But I do, really).

Grandma and Granpa Love – Copied from one of my friend’s FB Friend, Sabrina Dee who copied it from a friend on Instragram.

“Single Awareness Day. Bah, humbug.”

“Happy Valentines day and Happy SINGLE awareness day,. enjoy the day! ♥♥♥”

“Happy St. Valentine’s day to you! Yes, it was a Roman martyr for his faith who you should be celebrating instead of this consumerist festival, which for some is known as Singles Awareness Day.”

“Valentines day….A summary…..complete load of made up bollox so stupid idiots can waste money and pretend they are in love for a day when the truth is they prob only have sex once a month and can’t stand the sight of each other anymore. Miss me out you mongs…
…oh and just in case you mongs don’t realise, buying a card, maybe flowers or doing any other ‘romantic’ gesture on valentines is in fact completely the opposite, its a forced gesture, doing something romantic would involve doing something just because u are supposed too.” G’s friend.

Bing Translation: Your Valentine, his/her Valentine ‘s, not mine! Another one of G’s friend.

“Anong happy sa valentine’s day? Haha. #bitter Good morning!! 🙂
Translation: What’s so happy with valentine’s day?


“spread the love today! and for the right person, spread your legs ♥”

“Perhaps the biggest news this Valentine’s is that E Games and Level Up! are just married today. Big news for gamers!”

“Single ka ba? wag na mag emote, wag na mag mukmok.. hindi lahat ng in a relationship masaya…” Translation: Are you single? Don’t be too emotional, don’t get too sad. Not everyone in a relationship are happy.

“Valentine’s Day is the most stupid ‘holiday’ ever.”

“Sa mga Dakilang Tanga: Happy Heroes Day!” Translation: To all noble stupid people: Happy Heroes Day (Lol, that’s my crude translation of it)

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive. Check out these cool free stuff to do this Vday!”

“Im not really big on valentine’s day but there is so much love around!! Such a wonderful day..”

“‘Love…bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things…’ — 1 Corinthians 13:7

Happy Day of Hearts, folks! :)”

“Happy Independence Day”

“Happy Tuesday Everyone, please note that today is NOT about being madly in love with a better half/partner but LOVING EVERYONE UNCONDITIONALLY. 😀 so celebrate being single, it’s complicated, friendzoned, in a relationship and even married. EVERYONE deserves to be HAPPY today. :)”

“‘Love like there’s no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again.’ — Max Lucado

“Pwedeng maging cheesy, Valentine’s Day naman. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! :*” Translation: We have the excuse to be cheesy because it’s Valentine’s day.

“Some people call it valentine’s day, i call it tuesday. Lol :D”

“Valentine’s day = emo day :))”

I remember my Valentine’s Day last year was me in my ‘acting as if I don’t care but really I do” mode on. As for this year, I just shared this year’s Valentine’s day Google page (really cute), the Grandpa and Grandma from Up photo (don’t you just love them, another awwee photo) and a dear friend’s V-day photo done by her fiance. And, yes, prepared a hearty breakfast for my G. 🙂

My Hearty (English) Breakfast for G. Notice there are no Eggs. We hate eggs. 🙂 Yeah, G never really grew out of the ValentiMes greeting, which is really cute. ❤

I have always sort of commemorated Valentine’s day with a blog post since I started my ‘online journal in 2005 (I’ve blocked it because…). It makes me cringe and embarrassed reading it again as it’s mostly bitterness and me ranting about being ‘single’ and me acting as if I don’t care but I do. So I guess, how you celebrate this day is really up to you and how it works for you, whether it’s with friends, lover, alone or with family. If you ever celebrate it at all.

Note: This post is not to meant to make fun of anyone. To friends who want to be credited on the quotes, please, let me know. If you want your post deleted, please, let me know and I will delete it as soon as I can.

Do you want to add anything? 🙂

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