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That Lone Woman In The Movie House

The (lonely) woman in the movie house.

Earlier she was wandering gingerly around the mall, not knowing what to do or where to go. She’s done this before. Most of the time actually. Go to the mall, window shopping alone. Dine in a restaurant, enjoying a sumptuous meal (or so she thought) by herself. Watching movies in theaters, alone. Yeah, she has done that gazillion times. She’s been doing that even if she has friends that she can call to go with her (or maybe none because she’s frequently accompanied by friends Me, Myself and I).

She wonders why most people don’t want to eat alone. She wonders why some need someone else to accompany them to go somewhere, do something. Doing things by herself makes her responsible only for herself, rely on herself, decided on things according to her liking and benefit and if something comes bad out of it, then she’s the only one to blame, she’s the only one who will suffer the consequences.

They may be looking at her in pity. They may be weirded out by the lone woman having dinner by herself. A funny look directed her way, a raised eyebrow over her lack of companion. Or maybe they don’t really notice her. Don’t give a damn to her existence.

“Table for how many?”

“How many tickets are you buying?”


She’s comfortable with it. Never really bothered her at all. Well, there are fleeting moments that it sort of bothered her (maybe she was too paranoid, thinking about what people might think about her lone state) but that thought is blown away like a kiss in the wind.

She’s now seated comfortably in her chair. Full because of that solitary meal she had earlier. She knows she’s just here to pass time, enjoy herself, get her regular romcom/chick flick fix. The cinema lights turned dim, movie goers are slowly filling up the theater.

Oh, they’re coming in two’s.

The movie’s about to start. Seated beside her is a gay couple (she thinks so because no straight guy friends would go to watch a chick flick together). Ten minutes into the film a middle aged couple hurried into the two vacant seats to my right.

Credits roll. The film is over. She liked waiting in her seat until after most of them are gone as she likes to people-watch. Yeah, definitely most of them are couples. Or group of friends. There’s no other lone person in the movie house.

Well, except for her.

It never bothered her at all. Until now.

That was brave of her to be alone. Indeed, very independent. It’s quite liberating to be on your own. She doesn’t have to answer to anyone but herself.

But right now, that lone woman in the movie house just feels… lonely.

Just out of the blue I just wanted to write. And this came out. Maybe it’s because of what I read on thoughtcatalog.com

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