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First Half of My Birthday Wishlist

I was supposed to post this entry last January 22 so as to give ample time to the people who are mentioned here (and those who are generous enough to be my fairy godmothers/godfathers) to buy/make their gifts and send it to me. 🙂

Anyway, since I am entering my quarter-life, and yeah, along with it comes THE quarter-life crisis (which I have been experiencing since I entered 20’s!) I think I have the right to make a birthday wish list and hopefully (I’m begging you, please) will get all 25 things in my list. I won’t put all the mush and impossible stuff like getting a boyfriend or going home. Instead, (almost) everything here is quite obtainable by myself or by the universe, if it’s lavish enough to indulge me.

1. Birthday Cake.

Who doesn’t want one? The last birthday cake I got was when I turned 22 and it was a company gift. My 23rd was spent in HK and Macau with Guy so it’s a different kind of cake, I had an Egg Tart. Last year was spent here, a newbie in SG, with KZ, Yayam and Miko, with fast food stuff. So now that I am settled, I expect to get one. A cupcake with a candle will suffice.

2. A Sketch of Me.

Attention Loathe: I know you make sketches of your “special ones” for their birthdays why not make one for me as well?

3. London Postcard.

I doubt I’ll ever get to visit Guy there because he’s coming back in the Philippines by summer so I think the closest thing to getting to London for me is through a postcard from him. Oh, not to mention the purse he bought me two years ago as a pasalubong but never had a chance to give it to me (even if we saw quite often in the last two years).

4. Flowers.

Just because the flower shop guy next door (our store) always passes in front of me with lovely bouquet of flowers for their clients. I always say “Thank You” jokingly but I got no reaction from him. LOL So, my wish for my birthday is that one of the flowers that he’ll deliver that day is for me.

5. Reverse Bungee

Miko and I were planning to have a post-birthday celebration (maybe a month or so after my birth month thinking that we will get our first paycheck by then but apparently life played a harsh game on me) last year and go to Clark Quey for the Gmax Reverse Bungee. It never happened so I want to make it happen this year.

6. Full Body Massage.

It’s been more than a year now since I had one. So I guess this will be a little treat for myself.

7. And I’m including Have My Nails Done in this list.

Yes, it’s been a year also since I had my nails done “professionally”. After arriving here in Singapore, I’ve been cleaning my nails myself.

8. Trip to Somewhere.

I’m planning a solo trip, somewhere, maybe a week after my birthday. I am still in the planning stage, so I’m still not sure where, how, what, when.

9. Another Sweet Surprise…

…from my sister. She never fails to surprise me. Read my previous entry.

10. Karaoke.

If you know me well, you know how I love to sing, sing out loud, and yes, even if I’m off key. My last trip to a karaoke place was last February 07 for my despedida with the gays. I would want a rockeoke but there isn’t one here, I guess.

11. A decent Camera or A Smartphone.

I’m leaning towards a camera. Please take a good look at the recent photos I have taken using Pinky (My P&S Cannon Digital Ixus i7) and tell me honestly that I don’t need to replace her???

12. Online E-Card

FROM JOEDI. Because she said so. And I want something one-of-a-kind, please.

13. Reach 25 SMS greetings and 25 FB greetings.

I keep all my SMS greetings from three years back in my old SIM card. And I’m collecting it until technology fails on me.

Whew, I realized how tiring it is to think of things you want to get. Well, I guess for me it’s hard because most of my wishes are impossible to attain but I’m not posting them here. ^^

Until the next half of my list!

Do you even know when my birthday is? Ooops, don’t you dare look at my Facebook profile. Tsk. ^^

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I am a full time day dreamer and an eternal wonderer. A Bible-believing Christian, who is a big lover of the Big G, my G and my own little pug, Mr. Pies. I am passionate about being a home chef, solving pain points, as well as adopting tech for good. Twitter: @iamjoyceeee | Instagram: @iamjoyceee


3 thoughts on “First Half of My Birthday Wishlist

  1. aha! I will be coming to Singapore sa April friend. I will then give you your English (and French) purses.


    Posted by guyisabida | January 25, 2011, 11:35 PM
  2. wow, really?! Weeeh. as long as your really super duper 101% sure that you are going and won't cancel. Dates please so I can free my schedule! lol Miss you bitch! 🙂


    Posted by Joyceee | January 25, 2011, 11:40 PM
  3. oh my oh my! let's do the bungee in prep for a real bungee jump in Macau! save it for me! i miss you ex-officemate/SG mate/roommate!!!!!


    Posted by miko | January 26, 2011, 12:11 AM

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