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Birthday Trip Itinerary

This is a long overdue post. It started with a whim of wanting to travel alone. And of course, an alert in my email from Cebu Pacific that they were having a grand seat sale.
And because it’s November (money coming in because ofย  “bonuses” and my credit card still has enough balance to accommodate the whim) I bought tickets to Hong Kong and Macau. A birthday gift/birthday trip for myself.

Planning stage was quite easy. I asked advise from traveler friends, et al, on where to go and what best to do in Hong Kong and Macau. I followed the advice of some but mostly my itinerary was made out of gut feel. ๐Ÿ™‚

First things first: Budget.

Because of friends’ advise, my friend and I decided to bring in at least HKD 3000 (that’s a lot to save for me as I have a meager salary and I spend a lot more than I can save or earn.haha). It was fairly enough to last us four nights and almost five days there.

Next in my To Do list: Accommodation.

We surely cannot afford luxurious hotels and so we were looking for relatively cheap motels/guesthouse/hostels on the internet. (Visti hostels.com…). Based on guests’ reviews and ratings, we’ve made reservations for our two nights stay in Hong Kong in Yui Fai Guest House in Kowloon. And for a night’s stay in Macau, we’ve made a reservation in Ole London Hotel which is a five-minute walk away to the famous St. Paul Ruins (our hotel also runs along the Portugese tourist trail).

By the way, WE actually spent four nights abroad. We spent our first night at the airport.

Last but not the least: ITINERARY.

Now that a place to stay abroad is fixed, all we have to finish is our itinerary. I am always reminded of our budget and the relatively short travel time (plus the fact that we’re busy) so Planning our itinerary took almost almost two months, from the time we bought our tickets up to the day of our departure. Online research, friends’ and colleagues’ advice, our (my friend and I) personal interest, budget and travel time is basis of our itinerary.

SO here’s was what transpired during our trip:

Night 1: 19 February, Thursday
Arrival in HK International Airport at around 10pm.
Spent the evening in the airport. We went around, looked for a comfortable place to sleep in.


More Hong Kong and Macau Photos Here.

Day 1: 20 February, Friday

Left early from the HK airport for Hong Kong Disneyland.
Spent half a day in Disneyland.
Checked-in our hotel after Disneyland.
Walk-ed and followed Nathan Road to look for Shanghai St. (where the famous Chinese restaurants are found) and then to the Women’s Market and Night Market.

Day 2: 21 February, Saturday

Ngong Ping, Lantau Island for the Cable car and Giant Buddha.
Afterwhich, we went to Hongkong Island for the Peak Tram and then to see Maddamme Tussaunds gallery.
From there, we braved our way to the Hong Kong Convention Center where we took photos of the Golden (Lotus)
We crossed the see from HOng Kong Convention center to Kowloong via Star Cruise.
After dinner, we went to see the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights from Kowloon bay and then took photos of ourselves in [street].
After this, we went looking for the large H&M store in Hong Kong Central.

Day 2a: My Birthday in Hong Kong

Went to an H&M store (again) somewhere near Kowloon.
Hurried back and checked-out of our hostel to go to the Pier.
And we’re off to Macau.

img_0700 img_0702

Day 2b: My Birthday in Macau

After hailing a bus, we went to our hotel.
Rested for a while and then headed to The Venetian.
After Venetian, went to the Senado famous for the old establishments.


The Sea Goddess of Macau

Day 3: 23 February, Monday

Followed the Portugese trail.
And then went around Inner and Outer Harbour Macau by foot.
My last stop would be the Fisherman’s Wharf where I took pictures of my, myself and I.
Oh, last-est stop would be the Senado to buy pasalubong and a last look at Macau.

Part of the Portugese Trail is the famous St. Paul Ruins of Macau

Part of the Portugese Trail is the famous St. Paul Ruins of Macau

There are a lot of places that I missed and I even failed in going on a food tour (which is a big NO NO when visiting Hong Kong). So next time I visit Hong Kong and Macau, these will be on the top of my To Do’s.

So, what are your Hong Kong-Macau stories? ๐Ÿ™‚

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One thought on “Birthday Trip Itinerary

  1. Mine was… Ahahahahaha. I can’t wait to go back! I swear I’m going to eat dimsum! I want to check out Macau as well ๐Ÿ˜€


    Posted by nina | April 8, 2009, 4:56 PM

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