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On Globe’s Speed Testing and Service

So. InfoPhalanx left a comment on my previous post on Globe Tattoo. He also tested his Globe Tattoo connection on Speedtest.net and got this a disappointing result too.

Curious, at first I thought it was meant to disapprove my post regarding Globe Tattoo’s connection but I was wrong. It showed that the connection he’s using only has an average download speed of 0.28 (he did his test in Ortigas area). And so I did a little testing myself and the result?

Result of Speedtest.net on Globe Tattoo

I got a 0.29 Mbps download rate as opposed to their “up to 2Mpbs” tagline. That’s an overpromise Globe Tattoo. And that overpromise lead people to buy your product and left them disappointed AND disatisfied with your service. Again, what has happened? Yes, you can say that it is an effective Marketing ploy. But at the end of the day, it’s Customer’s Satisfaction that really matters, isn’t it? So you better do something about it or your product will be an EPIC PHAIL. 😛


Two weekends ago, my dad visited me for a weekend. He saw my Globe Tattoo and it somewhat convinced my dad to buy a wireless broadband for himself. He tried it and kinda satistfied with the connection speed (I kept telling him that it’s slow and that Smart Bro’s faster, blah, blah, blah). And so the next day, we went to SM North Annex to go visit Smart and Globe’s service center an inquire about their wireless broadband. I somehow maneuvered my dad into going to Smart Bro service center first because I really don’t want him to buy Globe Tattoo (I’ve learned my lesson there).

But, Smart successfully drove away and lost a customer because of their poor customer service. How?

1. By pretending to look busy.

When we approached the counter, the attendant “failed to see us”. He was busy doing something on the PC (even if there are no customers around).

2. By failing to play the role of an USHER.

When the person on the counter didn’t take heed of our presence (haha), we asked the “Usher” if they have Smart Bro available. He looked us up from head to toe, gave us a Smart Bro brochure and went on chatting to the guy beside him.

3. By not treating all walk-in customers equally.

I would think that the other guy that the Usher was talking to was a customer because he was looking at their phones but I don’t think he’s gonna buy one anyway! And there we were, still waiting for a Smart rep to attend to us. I cluck ed and tsked for almost five minutes but nothing happened. Maybe these guys assumed that we were just there to INQUIRE and not to BUY. (Hey, Assume is making an ASS out of U and ME.)

And so, I pulled my dad our of their makeshift store, said a sarcastic thank you to the “Smart” guys and went straight to the nearby Globe makeshift service center and had my dad buy Globe Tattoo immediately, no questions asked.

I just wanna punish sales people who are poor in customer service. My dad may or may not be experiencing poor connection right now (I haven’t heard feedback from him on it yet as he’s living in Davao City) but there is still a personal satisfaction in me that Globe made one sale more than Smart because of Smart’s failure to give good customer serice (or so i ASS-U-MEd) ^_^

So Globe?! You’ve got great customer service but poor internet connection. So FIX your connection na, NOW NA!

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One thought on “On Globe’s Speed Testing and Service

  1. LOL. Nakakairita yung ganyan.


    Posted by KZ | March 30, 2009, 7:28 AM

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